COVID-19 Public Exposures

Updated September 24, 2020 at 8:00pm
Please note , due to the rapid influx of cases we are temporarily suspending updates to the Oneida County Public Exposures page on our website . You should assume that you will come in contact with COVID-19 whenever you interact with people outside of your household because we have widespread COVID-19 activity on our community. If you develop symptoms, please stay home and call your healthcare provider to be tested.

This page is a resource for the public to understand the risk for all known places within Oneida County that the Oneida County Health Department knows are linked to a lab-confirmed COVID-19 case in the last 14 days. Close contacts that are able to be identified will continue to be contacted individually.  If you are contacted by the health department and told you are a close contact of a positive case, you should follow all guidance provided at that time.

Establishments remain on this list for 14 days after the last known positive case was present. Please note that an establishment appearing on this list does not necessarily mean they did something wrong nor does appearing on the list always mean that the establishment should be closed. Establishments have been contacted before their appearance on this list and guidance is provided about reducing future risk to staff and customers. You can see current guidance on Onward Oneida County.

Know that this list is about risk that has already occurred. We cannot know where people who will become positive in the next week are going right now and won’t know until the positive case is identified and the disease investigation process is complete. Oneida County has confirmed community spread. If you are in a public place, you should expect to come into contact with COVID-19. It remains important to protect yourself and others with frequent hand washing, physical distancing, fabric face coverings and staying home when you have any symptoms.

Learn how we decide which establishments are considered low or high risk.


HIGH: A positive case was known to be at an establishment, and there is a significant risk of contracting COVID-19 for members of the public at this establishment during a specific time period. In addition, all close contacts were not able to be identified (see definition below for close contact). All who had contact during the time period specified should complete the Self Screening Tool to be referred for testing and quarantine at home. Additionally, risk of community spread is still present.

LOW: A positive case was known to be at an establishment but there is low risk of contracting COVID-19 for members of the public at this establishment and all close contacts are able to be identified or there are zero close contacts. All who had contact with a low risk establishment should monitor themselves for symptoms. Risk is thought to be similar to the overall risk of community spread.

PUBLIC NOTIFICATION: This means we are actively seeking contacts of a positive case from an establishment or event. The public notification process will include outreach through social and traditional media to attempt to find all contacts.

CLOSE CONTACT: Individual who has been within six feet of a lab-confirmed positive case of COVID-19 for 15 minutes or more OR an individual who has direct exposure to bodily fluids (for example, through coughing, sneezing, spitting, or singing).

High Risk

If you were present during a high-risk time period, complete the Self Screening Tool

EstablishmentLocationDates of Known Positives
Low Risk

Please do NOT complete the Risk Screening and Referral Tool for low risk exposures.

EstablishmentLocationDates of Known Positives

NOTE: We make every attempt at transparency and will update this page frequently. Know that given the influx of cases we are experiencing, this page may not have up to the minute information displayed. It is not necessary to contact us to add establishments to this list, they will be added as the disease investigation process is conducted.

*Statewide Data on Facility-Wide Public Health Investigations