Adolescent Programming

We work to protect the health of all Oneida County residents and this includes our adolescent population. We understand that the family plays a vital role in adolescent health, which is why we incorporate the entire family into our programming.  Currently the Oneida County Health Department offers two adolescent programs: Street Smarts and Strengthening Families.

Street Smarts: The Street Smarts program is being taught in the Rhinelander High School freshman health curriculum. This program focuses on reducing risky behaviors and increasing self-confidence.
Strengthening Families: The Strengthening Families program is a FREE program that any family with youth between the ages of 10-14 are welcome to attend. This program offers families a unique opportunity to learn more about each other and have fun together! Each week families leave with a strengthened bond and exciting new games to play at home.

For more information about or to participate in the adolescent programs please contact:

Maria Otterholt