Mental Health & AODA: Northwoods COPE

September is Recovery Month

The Oneida County Health Department coordinates and provides technical support for the Northwoods COPE (Community, Outreach, Prevention and Education) Coalition. Northwoods COPE’s mission is to serve and support all people affected by mental health and substance abuse through education, intervention and prevention. We will partner and collaborate with our community to provide knowledge and meaningful resources to improve the well-being of all.

Northwoods COPE is a coalition that focuses on prevention of mental health and substance use disorders.

Their four main objectives are:

  1. Decrease suicide and depression
  2. Decrease alcohol and drug abuse
  3. Increase access to AODA and mental health services
  4. Strengthen data around mental health and AODA

Additional Resources:

For additional information or to get involved, contact:

Jenny Chiamulera